Having trouble logging in to Godzone?

Ouch, after making some changes to the ‘My Account/Login’ page so it’s more obvious when you are logged in, I accidentally removed the ‘login’ button, so the ‘My Account/Login’ link didn’t obviously include a login button. I’m sorry about that, when testing this since I know where the other Login…

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Subscriptions are once again available for a short time

I have promised a few people that I’d put the Subscription back in the Store once the multi-installers are available. So you can now purchase a Subscription, on the understanding that not a lot has changed from earlier in the year when I stopped the Subscription. The long-term goal remains…

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Roelio’s video view of the Godzone Subscription scenery

Most simmers who frequent flightsim forums would know Roelio's work, as a flightsim screenshot artist. He's taken to video now, and his first release is this showcase look at the Godzone Subscription scenery.
Watch in 1080p for the full effect!

Subscription Multi-installers now available


Note: ‘when you see ‘multi-installer’ referred to, this will mean an installer designed specifically to offer the choice to install to four different simulators — FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D 2.x, Prepar3D 3.x. This is not to be confused with ‘dual installers’ which install to FSX or Prepar3D 2.x. Subscribers,…

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Rethinking the multi-installers

When I built the multi-installer, I was aware that it does put a lot of the responsibility of keeping track of things on the user. However today I’ve just gone back to the drawing board, and decided to have a more robust way of tracking the ‘base’ installation of Godzone…

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Subscription Multi-installers


These are being rolled out at the end of January, so here’s a few details of what to expect. These installers just add support for two new simulators, there are no other changes, so it is not recommended that you download these unless/until you use Prepar3D v3.x or FSX Steam…

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Heading towards 2016…


I’ve always made it clear that I’ll stop selling the Subscription at some point, so from 1st January it will no longer be offered for sale. However there is still more Subscription scenery to come for existing subscribers. As you may have noticed if you are a subscriber, development has…

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Godzone plans for Prepar3D 3.0

I do intend to release Subscription installers to include version 3.0 of Prepar3D, but this may take some time to fit in. I had worked out a system that would allow additional simulator versions (e.g. FSX Steam, Prepar3D 3.x) to be added to a small downloadable script, so that you…

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Buzzing about the Plateau


Since releasing Issue 10 I’ve been flat-out on other things, so today I’ve relaxed a bit with a quick flight around the volcanoes. This is the ‘default’ Carenado Beechcraft Bonanza. which is ideal for this flight.

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What’s coming up in Issue 11

By popular demand, I’m currently extending the Central Plateau/Bay of Plenty through to Tauranga. Tauranga has had a few updates in the past (it was one of my first payware airports), but now the LINZ aerial imagery is so nice that it certainly makes an update worthwhile. So NZTG will…

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Landing at Taumarunui

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to upload a quick landing video when a new issue is due out — here’s Taumarunui, in FSX, after a hard day’s aerial top-dressing. This is a continuous unedited shot, so no fancy camera angles, just a ‘real’ look at what the pilot…

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Godzone Subscription videos

Some time ago Google changed the rules regarding Youtube channels, which meant that I changed my channel name to match my real name, rather than ‘GVFlight’. However I’ve just realised that when I installed the new-look site, I put the old channel rather than the new one! I’ve fixed that…

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Godzone Photoscenery Subscription map


Here’s a rough map of the Subscription scenery, although it does need some interpretation:) The Southern Lakes/Alps and Wellington coverage areas are complete, although not finished. That is, the photoscenery coverage has all been released, there’s just more autogen and Points of Interest (including airports) to come. The Central Plateau…

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June’s Todo list


Huge todo list this month, though most of it behind the scenes, mainly on ‘the next major project’. Just a bit of tidying up on the site, though, including the fix for the login issues which I mentioned earlier this week, and now I’ve finally put the screenshots back for…

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