Out the window at NZDN…

Real NZ Dunedin includes a few SODE*-controlled elements, such as windsocks and flags, plus the airbridges at NZDN. There are two airbridges, and hopefully both will be able to dock with your aircraft, although the other one (not shown) is not quite sorted yet, so it might not make it into the final release. This is a rough version at the moment.

I haven't really modelled the terminal interior, just enough to let you look through the window from the tarmac. Since I never fly jets, I had to grab the default 737 from FSX, hence the random livery:)

*SODE is Sim Object Display Engine, a great addon by Jeffrey Stähli, which gives the sim back some of the things we lost in FSX, like conditional scenery. His jetway control system overcomes the issues with the default (Ctrl-J) jetways.

Still on track for release next month, subject to everything surviving testing.

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