2020 musings…

I haven't mentioned the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator here at Godzone, as it is really too early to make any judgements, and pending a lot more details of the development tools, it is also far too early to make any decisions regarding whether or not existing scenery can be updated, what sort of work it would take, and what the cost would be for those who already own a Real NZ product.

Once I have a firm idea of what is possible with the new simulator, including whether or not we can have updated versions of these airports for the new sim, I'll figure out what it would likely cost, and whether or not existing customers will receive a discount. You'll understand that at this time I have no idea. If it is going to be possible, though, I'll make it happen.

The new simulator is of particular interest to me as it included features which were missing from all previous simulators -- a reasonable-resolution aerial image base. Most Real NZ and Godzone scenery includes some photo-scenery coverage, as I always knew that this is the best way to show the real New Zealand. However creating a NZ-wide photo-scenery was always too-big a job for me, without help. Orbx have previously mentioned a 'True Earth' New Zealand, but it doesn't look like this will happen now.

So a new sim with the ability to display photo-scenery world-wide, built in, is more than I could have hoped for.