A few site tweaks

I've done some more tidying-up on the FAQ, to reflect the change of emphasis from the Subscription to the new Godzone Store. Even though the subscription is no longer available, it is still fully accessible to existing subscribers, and there will be future updates for subscribers. This makes some links a little confusing for non-subscribers, so I've tried to make it clear which links are only relevant to subscribers.

I've also made it a requirement that you are logged in to download from the Godzone Store. Previously you could simply download a newly-purchased scenery from the link in the confirmation email without requiring a login, but some people have taken advantage of this, and shared the link multiple times. As I pay per amount of data downloaded, this is not really to anyone's advantage, except those who want to use my scenery without paying.

To keep things simple, when you order from the Store, you can arrange to be kept logged-in by clicking the 'remember me' button when you login. Existing customers can do this at any time, and new customers might want to do this when they receive the 'welcome' email with their login details. This would mean that when the order confirmation email arrives, they will be able to quickly download their scenery using the download links in the email. If you are not logged in, the email download link will direct you to the login page.

This site, being built on WordPress, requires a user name to login, rather than an email address. Really, I'd prefer to use an email address, as this is less likely to be forgotten, but it is one minor inconvenience outweighed by the sheer power of WordPress. I'm currently testing a method to login with an email address, and if this works out on my offline test site, I'll implement it here.

I have always recommended using the 'remember me' feature when logging in, as most of the issues reported by users relate to not being logged in.


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