Real NZ Dunedin patches

I hate having to patch released scenery, I work hard to make sure that everything works properly before release. But sometimes things happen....

There are two patches available, and both should be installed. First up is the AutogenConfigurationMerger tool fix, which was released in November 2016:

This patch should be installed by all Real NZ Dunedin users who downloaded the scenery prior to 16 November 2016, although not everyone will need it, but it does make sure that everything is in the right place.

Download the patch

The patch just installs AutogenConfigurationMerger, a small tool which allows me to include custom New Zealand autogen -- mainly trees at the moment -- in Real NZ scenery. This tool is developed by Arno at, who is a flightsim tool genius, and without his tools I don't think I'd still be making scenery. With Real NZ/Godzone scenery, I've incorporated AutogenConfigurationMerger (ACMT) into the Vector Land Class libraries, which are a freely available set of New Zealand library objects which any developer can use to make New Zealand scenery, so it made sense to open up the libraries to include autogen.

Next is the Real NZ Dunedin Winter patch.

This fixes the damaged Seasons.bgl file which messed up the coastal water during winter. This patch should be installed by everyone who owns Real NZ Dunedin, although those who bought it from the Godzone Store after 1st May 2017 already have the patched version.

The existing download is already patched.

It also fixes the Taieri runway texture in Prepar3d v3, which accidentally ended up with a specular shine.

This patch is automatic, but please read the manual included in the download. The download also includes a folder with details of how to manually fix these files, in case the patch doesn't work as it should. (This would only happen if you have moved the scenery, or removed the Registry entries.)

Download the patch



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