Aerofly FS2 cultivation

In Aerofly FS2, 'cultivation' can be thought of as similar to autogen in FSX/P3D. I have mentioned before -- in glowing terms -- the autogen development tool Scenproc, by Arno at Using Scenproc, it is possible to import GIS data files, such as those supplied by LINZ, and convert to autogen files. Arno has now added the ability to export this data as Aerofly 'cultivation' scenery.

These screenshots are a very early test, using my favourite test area, Banks Peninsula, in this case the town/port of Lyttelton. To simplify the test (it's a fairly undocumented process at the moment) I've used just one type of tree here. I've used vegetation polygons, and building footprints, as the basis for the cultivation, but I'm aware here that there are issues here, such as the fuel tanks being replaced by houses, but that's the sort of thing which can be tweaked using Scenproc.

It is possible to customise the house textures, like I normally do for FSX/P3D, but these are not customised yet. I'm pleased with the building shapes, I do find that FSX/P3D autogen buildings are not that suited to New Zealand, but Aerofly is shaping up to be an improvement over the over-sized houses in FSX/P3D.

Click the images for full size.

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