Are your jetways showing at NZDN?

A couple of very nice screenshot posts covering NZDN have shown that some users don't have SODE installed, so they don't see the jetways, flags or windsocks. Since SODE is automatically installed with Real NZ Dunedin, then it's likely that this is one of these reasons:

  • The installer didn't do its job properly, and SODE wasn't installed correctly;
  • the user made a decision not to activate SODE;
  • the installer worked ok, but the user failed to activate SODE as described in the manual.

So if you don't see jetways at NZDN, I'd be keen to sort out the problem. Please let me know which, if any, of the reasons shown apply to you, or whether you are aware of any problem with your installation process.

Once I know why this is happening, then I can post a solution. Please contact me via the Contact page if you don't see jetways.

Here's NZDN with one of the two jetways, this is Gate 3:

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