The Godzone Store now closed, the site is open for support and redownloads

The site will remain until the end of 2023, for support queries and to allow customers to redownload previously purchased scenery. I am now in retirement, which is a few years ahead of schedule, but there are a few reasons why this makes sense now. I've covered these reasons previously, so I won't elaborate here.

SimMarket will continue to carry my scenery for the next month or two, but that too will cease shortly.

Retirement has meant more time to take care of my grandson while his parents are working, and beginning a new hobby, model railway:) I do have a flightsim scenery project in the works, which may be released if it gets to completion. This will be freeware, firstly for MSFS but hopefully a port to Prepar3d if I can find some way to distribute it -- for a while now my airport projects have exceeded the file size for most trustworthy freeware hosts, which also means that I have no plans to release any current payware as freeware, something I've done in the past for older scenery projects when file sizes were smaller.

I may keep up with scenery development, as I can't imagine giving this up. I hope to develop for MSFS, as this is the one sim which continues to amaze me with its features and ongoing development. I may continue to support P3D, but I'm not sure yet whether this will be worthwhile, or will interest me enough.

I am hoping to purchase Prepar3d v6 when it is released this week (funded by the last-minute going-out-of-business sale!), and I will look at updating the current scenery installers for existing owners. I'm not sure how much work will be involved until I test the scenery in the new version, so this will determine whether or not I manage an update.

It may be that the scenery works as-is in v6, in which case existing owners would be able to just copy the v5 library XML file to v6 without the need to download any new installer. I'll report back on this when I figure it out.