**July Bonus offer had now ended

July Bonus offer had now ended.

For the time-being*, when you purchase Real NZ Dunedin, you'll also be able to download Real NZ Nelson for free. To receive this bonus offer, just put Real NZ Dunedin into your shopping cart, and go through the purchase process. When your purchase is completed, both Real NZ Dunedin and Real NZ Nelson will be attached to your order, and available to download.

This bonus offer gives a good introduction to those why don't normally fly in New Zealand, or those with FTX NZ and looking for quality places to fly. Flying between Nelson and Dunedin gives you a good look at the South Island, pending the release of Real NZ Christchurch later this year. They are also great destinations for those using FTX NZSI and Orbx Queenstown. Both Real NZ airports are designed to be compatible with FTX NZ.

Note that you don't need to -- and shouldn't -- put Real NZ Nelson into your shopping cart to get the special. If you do, you will be charged as normal -- if you accidentally purchase Nelson during the bonus offer period, I'll refund the cost of Nelson.

*This bonus offer runs until the end of July 2018.


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