Real NZ NZCH now has Prepar3d v5 installer

The full Real NZ NZCH and standalone version for Prepar3d has now been updated to install to Prepar3d version 5.

Note that there are no other changes to the scenery.

Real NZ NZCH now works with FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d v3, v4 and v5. The Prepared version has both an full scenery installer, and an airport-only installer for those who prefer the airport without the Canterbury photoscenery.

Only the full scenery is available for FSX.

You only need to download one version, depending on your requirements. See the Real NZ NZCH product page for details of the separate downloads.

FSX and FSXse version of NZCH now available.

This has been a long time coming, but better late than never!

The price of Real NZ NZCH has been reduced to NZ$30 in fairness to those who have had to wait. Note that there is a single 'product' for Real NZ NZCH, which includes separate versions for Prepar3d and FSX, under a single license. You can use any version, but you can't split the license by giving away any single part.

Note that there is a separate download for FSX, which includes the Steam Edition. For those who already own NZCH, you'll find the download attached to your order in the Godzone Store. Make sure you download the correct version, as these are large files.

This is the full photoscenery version, At the moment I have no plans for an airport-only version of NZCH for FSX. This will depend on the demand, though. I'm not sure of the market for FSX scenery, and if I get a good number of orders, and there is a call for an airport-only version, then I'll release it.

At the moment the Real NZ NZCH scenery supports Prepar3d v3, Prepar3d v4, and a separate installer which supports FSX and FSX Steam Edition.