Aerofly FS2 ‘cultivation’ video

Here's another look at Aerofly FS2, note that this does not represent any actual work-in-progress, it is just an experiment. IPACS have said that cultivation is in the early stages of development, and will get some significant work done on it, but in the meantime it does give a glimpse of the future of Aerofly.

Only a selection of vegetation polygons are actually cultivated, just to give a 3D aspect, and there are no planted trees within the city/urban areas. Any finished scenery might include placed trees around populated areas, and rural areas.

This test includes the full set of building footprints for Wellington city, so there are a lot of buildings! No real work on customised textures etc, but this may be a major part of any Aerofly releases from Godzone.

More Real NZ scenery coming soon

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The current project is Real New Zealand Christchurch.