Christchurch – NZCH status

I first started working on NZCH in 2009. I took this header photo back then, when the airport was going through a major development, which meant that the old tower, with its distinctive clock, was being demolished. For me, seeing this clock meant that I'd arrived at the airport.

Just a quick precis of the NZCH project -- originally I never intended to attempt any large projects like this, as I'd already discovered back in 2009 that getting access was almost impossible. However when I began the Kickstarter multi-sim project, I was contacted by someone who was keen to have a quality NZCH airport, and was in a position to get me access. So I switched to NZCH. This meant a much longer project development time, which I accepted as a worthwhile compromise for my Kickstarter contributors.

So yes, the Kickstarter contributors have had to wait a very long time, and we are not quite there yet. But it is progressing, I had hoped to have a Prepar3d NZCH beta to my testers early April, but that won't happen -- a bout of illness wrote off most of March, and now Christchurch is reeling after the Mosque shootings.

However I am entering the 'tidying up' stage, and while there is a lot to tidy, it is a lot closer to the end than the beginning!

Rather than keep missing deadlines, I'll just say that I hope to release it in the first half of 2019:) This is a stretch from my initial 'early 2019', which isn't ideal, but that's the way it is. I will re-evaluate progress at the end of April, with the goal of getting to beta testing in May, but this may not happen.

Note that you can pre-pay for NZCH, which gives you a discount plus a multi-sim licence, but mainly lets you help me to finish the project:)

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