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"Godzone" is just me, Robin Corn. I've been making flightsim scenery since the beginning of the century, and the 'Godzone' label applied to a series of CD-based releases, required back then because of the huge file size of photo scenery. When I came up with the name, I wanted something which meant 'New Zealand', and the ubiquitous 'Kiwi' is very overused. Although 'Godzone' may not mean as much to overseas visitors, locals normally know that it means NZ-based.

The domain name 'Windowlight' began as a joke with my partner at the time, long before flightsim became a part of the site, and I've retained the domain through a few different websites.

In 2023 it became apparent that I would not get access to the Microsoft Marketplace, which was an integral part of my plans, so I've decided to retire, and close the business. The Godzone/Real NZ scenery is no longer offered for sale, but the site will remain until the end of 2023 for support and downloads of existing products. I am unable to offer downloads beyond that, as the cost of maintaining this is too much now that my only income is superannuation.

In the past when payware scenery becomes too old to sell I've put them onto Avsim as freeware, but there are size limits on Avsim, and all my current sceneries exceed this. If anyone wishes to host any of my scenery, or has any ideas about a solution, then please get in touch. This includes something like a virtual airline hosting one or more of my sceneries for their members' use.

I will retain the domain, so that I can keep my email address. However from 1st January 2024 I will not be offering support or help with anything flightsim-related.