Dunedin ‘winter’ patch is coming…

Sorry, another 'winter is coming' post, but you can't have too much of a good thing ...

I've been making a list of things which require patching in Real NZ Dunedin, and until now it's been just one, so I've put it aside. However another issue has come to light, a damaged Seasons file, which kind of messes up the edges of the scenery during winter. The included Seasons file just needs to be replaced, although most users don't need it -- it was included to put the Vector Land Class seasons back to default, so that the new seasonal vegetation -- mainly willows near NZDN -- shows the correct colouring. So only VLC users would see any benefit from a Seasons file.

So pending the patch, if you intend to fly in winter then you might want to disable the Seasons file. It is this one:


Disable it by changing the .bgl extension to .off, or simply delete it. I promise you won't miss it, it is one of those OCD things which developers do at the 'final touches' stage.

Any upcoming patch will probably fix the only other issue, the shiny runway at Taieri. However I'm committed to some contract work for a while, so I can't give a patch release date. I do have the fixed files, so if anyone just must have these, just ask me.

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