End of year special

There's been a lot of interest in my site recently, mainly because of Orbx's release of their first North Island airport scenery. This means that simmers are looking for other New Zealand airports, so to make it easier for all these visitors to actually purchase something, I've discounted the two FTX-compatible scenery packages -- Real NZ Nelson and Real NZ Dunedin -- by $10 each.

So Real NZ Dunedin is reduced to NZ$25, and Real NZ Nelson is down to NZ$15. That's $40 for both, which equates to approx. US$28 at the moment.

For details of FTX compatibility, take a look here: Real NZ & FTX NZ

This special will run through to the end of the year. Visit the Godzone Store for details of these two scenery packages.

UPDATE 31/12/17 -- those who visited the Store between midnight and 7:30am today, NZ-time, didn't see the sale prices -- sorry about that, I'm embarrassed to admit that this is the second time I've been caught out by the sloppy way my site handles Sale schedules, and the sale prices dropped off 24 hours too early. I've fixed that now, and also I'll extend the sale for another day to make up for the mix-up.

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