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Real NZ NZCH Christchurch

I know a lot of people were interested in this, the replica Spitfire on a stick outside the shopping centre on Memorial Ave. I did have a go at modelling this, but my aircraft skills are not good. However this is the ideal project for someone keen -- if anyone is capable and talented enough to model a Spitty on a Stick then go for it! You can release it any way you like, or I can put a download on my website.

NZCH was always going to have some GSX support, mainly for the Visual Guidance Display Systems. I'm a big fan of GSX, it just adds so much atmosphere to an airport. However during the NZCH beta there were a number of issues with GSX users. All these testers actually came up with a different solution themselves, so in the end we decided that this was a GSX problem, and shouldn't hold up the release any longer.

However it did turn out to be one tiny error in my coding, as simple as typing 'Addon' rather than 'AddOn'. A local simmer figured this out after installing the release version, and I'm very grateful to him. So I pulled the original download and uploaded the fixed version.

A few early customers received the original version, and they may have issues with GSX, such as the Real NZ airport not being recognised, and Level 2 users may see both Real NZ and GSX jetways.

To fix this without having to download the entire installer again, you can edit the Documents\GodzoneRealNZ\add-on.xml file, in something like Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

There is one instance of 'Addon.Component'.

Simple change this to 'AddOn.Component' and save the file.

You may need to deactivate the addon within the simulator while at NZCH, wait for the default scenery to reload, then reactivate the addon. You can do this from the Options | Addons menu.

If you still have issues, let me know.

There are a lot of jetways at NZCH, controlled by SODE (SimObject Display Engine), and they should all be able to dock with a suitable aircraft, even AI if you have that featured active. There's even the dual jetway Gate 30, which will dock both jetways to larger aircraft!

The NZCH installer will check to see if you have SODE installed, and will install it if not, or update it if your version is older. The SODE installer than runs the Platform Manager, which allows you to register and activate SODE in your simulator(s). This is explained in the Real NZ NZCH manual, with screenshots.

When you run the simulator, you should have a SODE menu -- Addons | SODE. If you don't, and you are sure that you installed SODE and activated it, then it may be worthwhile uninstalling it, and reinstalling. The Real NZ NZCH installer puts the SODE installer in the Godzone\OtherInstallers folder.

Prepar3d v4.4 has a bug which affected how some scenery objects appeared, including any Real NZ airports, objects and ground polygons. This was a listed fix in Prepar3d v4.5, so if you still use 4.4, I really do recommend that you upgrade.

As far as I am aware, there is no known fix for those who choose to remain with v4.4.

This was quite a well-received feature of Real NZ Dunedin, being able to see inside the terminal as you pulled up to the gate. However with NZCH, I wasn't able to get inside access at all, and all the front of the international and domestic terminals are security areas. There is no place to sit and look at the tarmac without booking a flight. As I've said quite often, if I can't see it, I can't build it. I don't have the imagination to make stuff up, so I rely on photos almost exclusively.

I don't think this is a major issue during the day, as the angle, type of glass and reflective nature means that you don't see much of the inside anyway. In fact, you are likely to only see reflections of life on the tarmac, and I've allowed dynamic reflections to handle this. (Mid-low settings work best for me.)

At night, though, things are different. You don't get the 3D effect of internal lights coming into view, and just painting on lights isn't really a great solution. So I've left the night view of the terminals rather dark, and relied on dynamic lights on the tarmac to punch some light into the scene.

There is a larger post here, explaining how to prevent the overlap between the Southern Alps subscription scenery, and the Real NZ NZCH photoscenery area.

From Prepar3d version 1.05 of Real NZ NZCH, I've added a separate release download which excludes the City/Banks Peninsula/Central Canterbury photoscenery. This is mainly aimed at those with Orbx NZSI, who would prefer to see Orbx NZSI landclass  outside the airport bounds.

You only need to download and install one of these, and each installer will 'overwrite' the other, so you can in fact only have one version installed at once. However you can download both, and each installer will effectively 'toggle' the scenery between the full and airport-only versions.

There is now also a FSX/FSXse version as well. This is a separate download.

The 'Download' button normally includes enough detail to show which is which. Here, the first is shown as the 'full' installer, and the second is 'airport-only'. the third is the full installer for FSX, note that there is no airport-only version for FSX.

The full download release is 2.44GB for the download, and the airport-only version is 1.48GB approx. The airport-only version includes seasonal adjustments in the included photoscenery, to blend with Orbx NZSI landclass.


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  1. Rob ,
    How can i change the download location (as in , where the file is placed)
    My “c” drive is almost full , however i have heaps of room on 2 externals.
    When i start the download i don’t get an option to put it someplace else.

  2. I just downloaded Dunedin. When I launched the installer only the first option (Flight Simulator X) was available, the others are greyed out. I have Flight Simulator Steam Edition and can’t select that one. Advice?

    • This is normal if you only have FSX-steam edition — this is something the FSX Steam installer does, if it finds a previous FSX installation, it will create a special ‘se’ version, otherwise it emulates a normal boxed FSX installation, to makes things more compatible with addons. So if you only have the Steam edition, just select ‘fsx’.

      • A bit of an involved process, but all went well. Will install Nelson next. Cheers. (BTW, only tried it straight screen, but mostly flying with FlyInside and Oculus Rift – keen to see how it looks tonight). Thanks for putting the hospital landing pad in there.

  3. Bernd Koehling

    Hi Bob,
    I have all your scenery installed and enjoy it a lot. Problem is, if I want to fly in other areas of the world, I’d like to untick it in the scenery folder in order to reduce initial load times. Unfortunately this is not possible, as it always reloads itself. Even if I try to remove it completely, this is also not possible, it always reinstalls itself. I never had this issue with any other scenery. I run P3D 3.4, the Godzone folder has installed itself into the main P3D folder.

    Any help would be appreciated

  4. Mr Corn,
    I purchased the Dunedin software via your website today
    Order number 2984
    I use Internet download manager and when I try to download the purchase all I am getting is 1 Megabyte download speed off of your server. When I download off of Simmarket I can get upwards of 12 MB speeds most of the times.
    It also does not show the file size and I think you mentioned it is in the GB range,so it would take a day to download
    Any ideas?
    Rick Brown
    Tampa, FL

  5. Started the download and left for 4 hours
    Came back to a completed download

    Just going to test now

    • Hi Rick
      Sorry about that, it can be an issue with serving downloads from the other side of the world, as they are hosted in Sydney, Australia, by Amazon AWS and Cloudfront. Plus, of course, when you are trying to download it, it’s normally the middle of the night here, so support can be a bit slow:)
      AWS and Cloudfront are great for getting downloads to go long distances, but most of their strength is the ability to cache files worldwide, speeding up subsequent downloads. However if nobody has downloaded a file in your area for some time, (and US sales are not common) then there is little benefit. Normally a download manager would help a lot, but in your case it sounds like it didn’t. I’m glad you got the file in the end, and I hope that this is just an isolated problem, but really I’m not sure why it happens now and then.
      Thanks for your patience.

  6. Not a problem and thanks for the answer
    I like the scenery,top notch Robin….
    You are right up there with the big guns as to quality..
    I will be getting the other two you offer as well
    I really like flying in your country, so much to see but so little from the scenery companies,ORBX dropped the ball as well
    WIll be cheering you on from the sidelines

    BTW- I BETA test for REX,Just Flight and Milviz I also helped Bill Womack with the second version of Herons nest -the freeware from him .So if you need any BETA help let me know and I will be glad to sign an NDA as well plus I just retired so got a lot of time on my hands

    Rick Brown

  7. Greetings, I have a question about the Autogen Description Merger Tool. I am using P3DV4.1 . When ever I use the FTX Central 3 it overwrites the files at NZDN. I understand that and when I start the simulator I get the box for the merger tool saying I should restart the sim to get the correct effect. I do and the box does not appear until the FTX Central is run again. My question is, do I need to restart the sim each time that info box shows up ? I only use the FTX central when I need to access an FTX feature. I really cannot tell which is your trees or not at NZDN, but I am assuming they are yours as the scenery is activated.
    By the way I am really glad you made the NZDN scenery as it was/is one of the go to places for our group of flyers her from the USA.
    Thank You,

    • I know that for those who use FTX Central a lot, this can be a nuisance. Basically, every time you run FTX Central, it will overwrite any custom autogen descriptions with the FTX-only version — whether or not you actually change anything else within FTX Central. That’s actually the main reason for the merger tool, to still allow custom autogen descriptions even if they are regularly overwritten by a third party tool like FTX Central.
      So yes, every time you see the warning box, and you are planning to fly in any area which uses custom autogen descriptions, you should restart the simulator. Of course if you wish to fly somewhere with default/FTX autogen only, then it won’t make any difference to what you see, so you wouldn’t need to restart in that case. The merged descriptions would take affect the next time you start the sim, provided you haven’t run FTX Central again.
      There might be a couple of ways to get around this, but it is really outside my area of expertise. For example, there are tools which set the simulator up before running it, and this may include the ability to run the merger tool before running the simulator. Or it may be possible to adapt the FTX Central shortcut to point to a batch file which runs the merger tool after exiting FTX Central. I should really do some research…
      When I was working on Dunedin, I was communicating with the FTX Central developer, and he did mention that one solution would be to have FTX Central automatically run the merger tool on exit, but this was never put into the release version. This would have been an ideal solution!
      Glad you are enjoying the scenery!

  8. Hi Robin,
    Firstly just want to say i love the work you have done so far!

    Im new to fsx and i am looking for some guidance as i dont believe i have things set up correctly regarding graphics. I have read and tried a few things but since i only care about NZ landscape then i thought id ask here.

    I have Real NZ Nelson installed and orbx NZ north island on a i7 7700k at 4.2 and gtx1080 8gb and 16gb ram. Win 10.

    Im running 4k res and scenery sliders all maxed and ticked. Fps is smooth and at 60.

    Performance is great however i feel the graphics dont look as nice as your screenshots.

    What would you suggest i do? Rex? Dx10 fixer?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  9. I have recently become a subscriber and downloaded your excellent scenery. Your NZWN airport has jetways that clash with those of GSX2
    and seem to be immovable. Can you help? Regards Keith Booth.

  10. I have gone back to FSX as the colours in P3D always looked washed out. Can I install nzch to FSX ? Thanks

  11. peter.crawford172

    Any idea when the NZCH FSX version is going to be available? I prepaid in April 2019 on the basis is was going to be “soon”….now 15 months down stream…..PS I do really love your scenery – you do a great job 🙂

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