How do I download the scenery?

Old Godzone Store scenery purchased before 2016:

If you purchased Real New Zealand scenery from the old Godzone Store prior to 2016, and want to redownload it, then you can do so via the old Godzone Store. This uses your old login details, and you may need to request that your download(s) are reactivated. Within the old Store, view your Account for download links.

If you purchased Real New Zealand scenery from this site, since 2016:

If you are a new customer, you will receive an email showing your user name and password. Note that WordPress sites like Godzone require a login name, rather than your email address, to login. The actual Store, which uses Woocommerce, will create your user name when you first make a purchase. If you have previously made a purchase, you can simply login to the Store with your previously-advised user name and password.

When your order is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. You can then login to the site, and go to 'My Account' to access your download(s). Previously, it was possible to download using the supplied link in the confirmation email, without logging in, but because this has been taken advantage of by some people who have shared the link a number of times, you will now have to login.

Subscription/Compilation scenery:

Whether you purchased your subscription or compilation via the Store or using the Paypal subscription link, your downloads are separate from the Godzone Store. Each Issue details page has downloads links, which work only for those who purchased a subscription/compilaton, once they have logged in. The Issue index is available on the 'Subscribers: start here' page, accessed from the 'Subscribers: get started!' button on the home page.

There is also a quick download page, which lists all the available Subscription downloads.


Individual downloads are normally between 500MB and 1.4 GB in size. A download manager is recommended, but not required. Downloads are served via Amazon Cloudfront, a global content delivery system designed to speed up world-wide delivery of web content. Although the previous system -- serving downloads via Amazon's Sydney servers -- was a good solution for New Zealand, Australia and Asia/Pacific subscribers, I understand that some Europeans had poor download speeds. Cloudfront should give better speeds to the opposite side of the world.Note that Cloudfront serves the downloads only, the rest of the site is hosted here in New Zealand, so if you are far enough away from the Godzone Subscription server to affect delivery speed, scenery download speed shouldn't be affected.If you do have problems downloading the scenery, please let me know and we can find a solution..

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