How do I get Real NZ scenery to work with Orbx NZ?

This is for FSX and Prepar3d scenery only. The current FSX/Prepar3d scenery products in the Store are made to be compatible with Orbx NZSI or NZNI. However there are some requirements to get this working as it should.

  • The Real NZ installers are designed to find an existing Orbx NZ installation, and make any necessary changes, so they work best when Orbx NZ is already installed. If you wish to install Orbx NZ after any Real NZ scenery, you should first uninstall the Real NZ scenery, and reinstall it after you have installed Orbx NZ, then run the simulator at least once.
  • With any addons airports such as Real NZ, you must set the Orbx Insertion Point using Orbx Central. Make sure that Orbx is located below any other addons to prevent conflicts.

Category: 'Real New Zealand' scenery

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