Subscribers only: How do I get to the important info on this site?

From the Home page, the easiest way to get to the important bits of the site is by pressing the 'SUBSCRIBERS: GET STARTED!' button on the home page. That will take you to one of two places, depending on whether you are a subscriber or not. Note that you will need to be logged in first!

There's also a Subscriber link in the right-hand column of every page except the Home page.

If you are not a subscriber, then you will be directed elsewhere. Note that subscriptions are no longer available.

If you have subscribed, and you are logged in, then the 'GET STARTED!' button will take you to the Handy Subscriber Links page. If you click on the button but are not taken to this page, then you may not have logged in.

Most pages can be viewed by all visitors, but a few pages are accessible by subscribers only, so clicking on some links will take you to the Membership Options page, but since subscriptions are no longer available, this doesn't serve any real purpose.

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