Subscribers only: How will I know when new Subscription downloads are available?

This applies to Subscribers only, that is those who paid for a photoscenery subscription prior to 2017. The subscription is no longer available to purchase, but there may be further scenery released as part of the old subscription.

Note that I don't send bulk emails via the Subscriber site, so you won't receive email notification of news, releases etc.

However keeping track of the site is easy enough:

  • Give the site a regular visit, by bookmarking it using your browser;
  • 'Like' us on Facebook, for updates via your Facebook news feed (use the button on the right edge of the page here to visit us on Facebook);
  • Visit the NZ Flightsim Forum for local flightsim news.

From the end of the Subscription period in 2016 the only new Subscriber downloads should be full 'Real NZ' scenery packages based on the previous Subscription photoscenery areas. I am hoping to be able to supply a subscriber-only download button on the store product page, visible to subscribers only, but at the moment there are no finished 'Real NZ' products available.

This should make it easy for Subscribers to download any further scenery, and act as a reminder that you don't need to purchase new scenery which is an extension of the existing photoscenery areas: Alps/Southern Lakes, Central Plateau, Wellington region, Hawkes Bay.



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