Issues with NZCH using GSX

NZCH was always going to have some GSX support, mainly for the Visual Guidance Display Systems. I'm a big fan of GSX, it just adds so much atmosphere to an airport. However during the NZCH beta there were a number of issues with GSX users. All these testers actually came up with a different solution themselves, so in the end we decided that this was a GSX problem, and shouldn't hold up the release any longer.

However it did turn out to be one tiny error in my coding, as simple as typing 'Addon' rather than 'AddOn'. A local simmer figured this out after installing the release version, and I'm very grateful to him. So I pulled the original download and uploaded the fixed version.

A few early customers received the original version, and they may have issues with GSX, such as the Real NZ airport not being recognised, and Level 2 users may see both Real NZ and GSX jetways.

To fix this without having to download the entire installer again, you can edit the Documents\GodzoneRealNZ\add-on.xml file, in something like Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

There is one instance of 'Addon.Component'.

Simple change this to 'AddOn.Component' and save the file.

You may need to deactivate the addon within the simulator while at NZCH, wait for the default scenery to reload, then reactivate the addon. You can do this from the Options | Addons menu.

If you still have issues, let me know.

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