Does Real New Zealand Nelson work with FTX NZSI?

Yes, starting with Real NZ Nelson all Real New Zealand scenery is designed to work with the most popular 'base' scenery packages for New Zealand -- Vector Landclass, FTX NZSI/NZNI, and the default simulator.

Note that 'works with' means that it will work as intended, it doesn't imply any FTX features. The border between Real NZ Nelson and FTX NZSI is blended for a good match, but in general I do not match colours to FTX scenery -- FTX have their own colour 'palette' which makes New Zealand nice and green, but isn't the way I see New Zealand. As all Godzone/Real NZ photoscenery is derived from summer photos, the blend may be more noticeable depending on the season.

The Real NZ installer will make some changes to both Real NZ Nelson and the FTX Nelson when it detects FTX NZSI. Therefore it is always best to have FTX NZSI installed BEFORE you install Real NZ Nelson. If you install FTX NZSI later on, you really should uninstall Real NZ Nelson first, then reinstall after. However this isn't the only way, you can make the necessary changes yourself, just contact me for details.

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