Subscription scenery: Why can’t I see [insert name of landmark/point of interest here]?

I do plan to add points of interest over time, and if there is a specific point of interested you are, ahem, interested in, then please let me know. One 'advantage' (or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it) of the Subscription system is that it can include minor additions and updates over the period of the subscription. Although each release should work as a stand-alone scenery, it may not be 'finished' in the same way that a Real NZ scenery is finished at time of release.

Generally the first step of any Subscription scenery area is to release the photo scenery and autogen, and then fill in the other details -- airfields, points of interest etc -- as they are completed.

So initially you will have plenty of photoscenery to explore, and at the end of the subsciption period it will be fleshed out to some degree.


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