What is the add-xml entry named ‘Godzone’?

This can be thought of as a 'global', shared scenery folder. At the moment it includes:

  • Elevation Stubs, which used to be included in Scenery\World\Scenery, but are now separate from your flightsim installation;
  • Autogen building textures, which used to go in the global 'texture' folder but are now separate from your flightsim installation.

This follows the recommended method of adding 'global' features, which should no longer be put in the simulator install folder system.

You should leave the Godzone entry active, as it should not affect any third party scenery, unless there are conflicting elevation stubs. In this case you can try disabling specific files which include the airport code for the relevant airport! Disabling the addon itself is not recommended unless you intend to delete all Godzone scenery.

Category: 'Real New Zealand' scenery

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