Where do I find my downloads?

Finding a download for a Real New Zealand scenery is different from a Subscriber or Godzone Compilation (hese are the same thing) download. Anyone who is used to the way in which subscription downloads work may be confused when ordering a 'normal' scenery product, so here's a quick intro to finding your download!

First, this applies to Real NZ Scenery only -- the Godzone photoscenery, whether purchased as a Subscription or Compilation, is not added to your account downloads, but it is always available from the 'quick downloads' page.

There are a couple of ways to download your Real NZ purchase. First, you should receive a confirmation email from the Store, which includes a download link. However you can access your downloads at any time via the Store, by clicking on the 'My Account' menu link at the top of any page (except the home page), provided you are logged in of course.

Once you are there, you can view individual orders which will include download links -- Orders | View -- or just click on 'Downloads' which will list all your downloads.screenshot_210

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