Why are there floating houses?

Hey, floating houses are cool:)

The consensus is that floating houses are a limitation of the simulator, rather than an issue for an individual scenery addon -- in fact, I have seen floating houses at the same places in both VLC and FTX NZSI, so I suspect that this is more geographical than anything a developer does or doesn't do. Lockheed Martin have done really well to minimise this in recent releases, and I hope that at some point it will become a thing of the past, but at the moment, the only other option would be to remove huge chunks of houses completely, and even then there would be no guarantee that they won't pop up -- and I mean all the way up -- in another location.

If you wish to explore the city without floating houses, you can reload the scenery when you get to the city -- the best way is to go to the Scenery Library and immediately press 'ok' to exit again The scenery will reload and everything should drop to ground level (hopefully except your aircraft!) and remain there while you stay in the area.

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