Why are there three downloads for Real NZ NZCH in ‘My Account’ downloads?

From Prepar3d version 1.05 of Real NZ NZCH, I've added a separate release download which excludes the City/Banks Peninsula/Central Canterbury photoscenery. This is mainly aimed at those with Orbx NZSI, who would prefer to see Orbx NZSI landclass  outside the airport bounds.

You only need to download and install one of these, and each installer will 'overwrite' the other, so you can in fact only have one version installed at once. However you can download both, and each installer will effectively 'toggle' the scenery between the full and airport-only versions.

There is now also a FSX/FSXse version as well. This is a separate download.

The 'Download' button normally includes enough detail to show which is which. Here, the first is shown as the 'full' installer, and the second is 'airport-only'. the third is the full installer for FSX, note that there is no airport-only version for FSX.

The full download release is 2.44GB for the download, and the airport-only version is 1.48GB approx. The airport-only version includes seasonal adjustments in the included photoscenery, to blend with Orbx NZSI landclass.


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