Why can’t I see inside the terminals?

This was quite a well-received feature of Real NZ Dunedin, being able to see inside the terminal as you pulled up to the gate. However with NZCH, I wasn't able to get inside access at all, and all the front of the international and domestic terminals are security areas. There is no place to sit and look at the tarmac without booking a flight. As I've said quite often, if I can't see it, I can't build it. I don't have the imagination to make stuff up, so I rely on photos almost exclusively.

I don't think this is a major issue during the day, as the angle, type of glass and reflective nature means that you don't see much of the inside anyway. In fact, you are likely to only see reflections of life on the tarmac, and I've allowed dynamic reflections to handle this. (Mid-low settings work best for me.)

At night, though, things are different. You don't get the 3D effect of internal lights coming into view, and just painting on lights isn't really a great solution. So I've left the night view of the terminals rather dark, and relied on dynamic lights on the tarmac to punch some light into the scene.

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