Why can’t I see many trees with Real NZ Dunedin?

I've always wanted to add some more realistic New Zealand vegetation to the autogen system, but until recently this has not been possible. Well, it has been possible, for example Orbx do this for FTX NZSI and NZNI, but the way in which they implement this means that they simply replace the autogen descriptions file -- of which there can only be one -- with their own. So if another developer added their own autogen descriptions, these would be overwritten every time Orbx scenery was installed, a FTX region was changed, or FTX Central was run.

Arno, who designs some amazing development tools and runs the FSDeveloper.com website, looked at ways to overcome this issue by developing a tool which would 'self-manage' and 'self-repair' any autogen description additions if they were accidentally -- or purposefully -- overwritten. This is the Autogen Description Merger Tool, which runs each time the simulator runs, checks the autogen description files, and makes sure that any extra descriptions are there, and adds them if they are not. It doesn't remove any entries from the descriptions, so it can't affect other existing descriptions, so it is a safe, reliable method of maintaining the autogen descriptions.

The Autogen Description Merger Tool installer is called and run during the Real NZ Dunedin installation process. There are a couple of steps which the user must take, these are explained in the Real NZ Dunedin manual.

However it doesn't help my assertion that this is safe and simple that my original Real NZ Dunedin installer didn't properly run this, resulting in a patch. So if you installed the scenery prior to mid-November 2016, you should download and run the patch. Note that the current download is already patched, so you shouldn't have problems, and won't require the patch.

You can find further details, and download the patch, here.

If you have installed Real NZ Dunedin from a recent patched installer, or run the patch over the original installer, and still have problems with missing trees, then you should contact me for a solution.

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