Why can’t I see the jetways at NZCH?

There are a lot of jetways at NZCH, controlled by SODE (SimObject Display Engine), and they should all be able to dock with a suitable aircraft, even AI if you have that featured active. There's even the dual jetway Gate 30, which will dock both jetways to larger aircraft!

The NZCH installer will check to see if you have SODE installed, and will install it if not, or update it if your version is older. The SODE installer than runs the Platform Manager, which allows you to register and activate SODE in your simulator(s). This is explained in the Real NZ NZCH manual, with screenshots.

When you run the simulator, you should have a SODE menu -- Addons | SODE. If you don't, and you are sure that you installed SODE and activated it, then it may be worthwhile uninstalling it, and reinstalling. The Real NZ NZCH installer puts the SODE installer in the Godzone\OtherInstallers folder.

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