Why can’t I see the jetways at NZDN?

The Dunedin jetways are controlled by the third-party SODE modules. SODE also controls -- and displays -- the windsocks, and any flags which respond to wind direction. The Real NZ Dunedin installer will install SODE if it is not already installed, or update an earlier version. This is all explained in the manual, but it does require some input from the user -- after SODE is installed, you must activate it for the simulator versions that will use Real NZ Dunedin.

Since the SODE installer is separate from the Real NZ Dunedin installer, it is possible to overlook the activation step, unless you follow the instructions in the Real NZ Dunedin manual. If you do miss or skip this step, then you can activate the module at a later date, by running the SODEPlatformManager.exe which is installed by the SODE installer, the default location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE

...although you may have chosen to install SODE elsewhere. Activation simply adds the SODE modules to your exe.xml and dll.xml files for each of the chosen simulators.

Some users choose not to activate SODE, I assume because they consider it an added complication, but I would recommend that you give it a try. The third-party tools which Real NZ Dunedin installs -- SODE and the Autogen Configuration Merger Tool -- are both designed to solve problems which stem from multiple developers' methods of adding advanced features to their scenery. Both are well-tested, and are not found to cause any issues beyond poor developer implementation, or users messing around with things without a good understanding of the consequences.

SODE implementation in Real NZ Dunedin was a test case, really, and I will continue to use it going forward, although future releases may offer the ability to replace SODE features with more 'default' options -- static jetways, default windsocks (I hate those!) and normally wind-oriented objects like flags with static models. All of these would be compromises, and would detract from the full experience of a Real NZ scenery.

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