Why do my airport buildings/jetways not line up when I use Orbx NZSI?

Although this applies to any third party scenery, the most common issue is with Orbx NZ. This is because Orbx Central, which has overall control of Orbx scenery priority, will by default place Orbx scenery so it over-rides any other addon scenery.

To fix, this you need to run Orbx Central, and under the settings for your simulator choose 'Insertion Point.' Setting the insertion point so it is BELOW any addon scenery should fix this. If it doesn't, it may be another addon scenery's priority, so make sure that if you have more than one addon for a particular airport, you know which has priority, and set this as required.

You should only need to set the Orbx Insertion Point once, unless you reinstall Orbx Central.

If you have any issues with scenery priority using Godzone/Real NZ scenery, contact me via the Contact page with details.

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