Why doesn’t my aircraft start orientated to the runway at the West Coast airstrips?

If you choose one of the West Coast airstrips included in the Subscription scenery, you are normally choosing either a Vector Land Class location, or an Orbx NZSI location, depending on which you use.

If you don't use either, you may not be able to choose these airfields from within the simulator's list of airports.

Many of these airstrips don't have matching runway facilities in the simulator, so you won't start at the runway start position. This is a decision I made after considering all the options -- there are a couple of reasons why I've done things this way.

1. A runway added as a normal FS runway facility requires a flatten, but not all airfields benefit from a flatten. Sometimes you just want it to follow the terrain. One day all FS airports will do this, but in the meantime if I can have the airstrips follow the terrain, I will.

2. If I do add a runway, not only does it need a flatten, but it normally needs two different flattens at difference elevations, depending on whether you use Vector Land Class/default, or Orbx NZ. The installer will then need to switch the correct flatten files, both in the Godzone scenery folder, and in the Scenery\World\Scenery folder. This can get complicated, and cause issues down the track if you reinstall, uninstall or change the base scenery you use in the simulator.

Note that Neils Beach does in fact include a runway,  and therefore some of the files installed will differ depending on which base scenery you have installed.


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