Why doesn’t my helicopter sit properly on the trolleys at Taieri for MSFS?

The trolleys at NZTI were included before MSFS supported helicopters, although the HPG Airbus H145 was available, and as the rescue service at Taieri use the H145, it made sense to support that helicopter, and the Taieri scenery included 'GA' parking spots on each of the trolleys.

Since the sim has been updated to include native support for helicopters, I've updated the Taieri scenery to include actual helipads for each of the trolleys. However when beginning a flight in the H145, it is slightly offset on the trolleys, due to having an offset start location.

To allow for use of the H145, I've tweaked the placement of the helipad on one trolley, the one which sits beside the carpark fence. So if you use the H145, you should choose this trolley to start. However the default Helis won't sit properly on this trolley.

Note that this affects the start location only, you can safely land on any trolley, provided you have the skills! (I don't.)

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