Why doesn’t the Godzone installer know where P3D v3 is installed?

This is a trick question, isn't it?

Some people are seeing the extra folder chooser box which all Godzone installers display for the very first Godzone Prepar3d v3 install, and thinking that this means that the installer needs to know where Prepared is installed. This is not the case! Please read the manual, if you are unsure about this.

From Prepar3d version 3, Lockheed Martin have recommended that addons are no longer installed within the Prepar3d folder system. So when you first install Godzone scenery (the Subscription, plus Real NZ Dunedin) the installer will ask you to choose a location where it will place all subsequent Godzone scenery. This is explained in the manual,

There is also some info on how to find and delete the Godzone.xml file which remembers this location for subsequent installs. Please remove this if you plan to shift ALL your Godzone scenery, via an uninstall and reinstall. So really you should only reset this if you chose the wrong location, and need to fix it.

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