Why does Taieri’s runway not match the airport elevation?

It should, and if it doesn't, it may most likely be one of three reasons:

  • A conflicting airport scenery -- I would normally recommend that any other addons for Real NZ airports should really be deactivated. However this isn't normally a problem, in that Real NZ Dunedin is designed to exclude most other underlying scenery. However some addons may sneak through the process.
  • The installer could have been unable to disable the FTX NZTI elevation stub for some reason -- this is the only FTX file which conflicts with a normal Real NZ Dunedin install, and the installer attempts to disable it by changing the extension from .bgl to .bak. This file is located in Scenery\World\Scenery in your simulator's main folder, and includes 'NZTI' in the file name. If this still has a .bgl extension, then you could change the extension to .bak yourself.
  • An incorrect FTX Insertion Point -- if you have never set the FTX Insertion Point, then you will need to do so to get the best out of Real NZ scenery. There is some information in the Real NZ Dunedin manual on how to do this.

If you need help with any of these steps, or they don't fit your elevation problems, then please contact me via this site. The same thing apples to NZDN, but I don't think that FTX actually changes the elevation of their NZDN. so there isn't a stub to mess things up.

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