Godzone Store

Here are the current Godzone Store products:

The 'default' currency within the Godzone Store is NZ dollars.

At the moment, the currency converter has been disabled, as it is not entirely compatible with the discount tool. For the time being, you will only see prices in New Zealand dollars.

You can choose to display the approximate currency conversion in Euros or US$ (from any product page). However all orders are charged in NZ$, so this is for reference only, and the displayed price may not match the actual price charged via Paypal. However, it should be close -- any problems, please let me know.

I'm in the process of building a more feature-filled store here on this site, but the old Godzone Store is still available for those who have purchased Real NZ scenery in the past, and require a download.

You can visit the old Godzone Store by clicking here.

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