Godzone Taieri NZTI for MSFS now updated for World Update 12

This update to 1.1 includes some tidying up to make the airfield fully compatible with the new World Update, plus adds native helipad support for the trolleys.

The trolley shown below is reserved for the HPG H145, which is the actual rescue heli model used by Otago Helicopters. As the H145 doesn't quite sit on the same spot as the default helis, this one has been tweaked so it doesn't fall off. However default helis starting on this trolley may not sit correctly.

Note that you can land on any of the trolleys using either default or addon helicopters, it's just the start location which can cause issues.

There are two ways to start on the trolleys, by choosing a Parking spot your heli will start off cold and dark, as previously with version 1.0 of Taieri, while choosing a HELIPAD your heli will be ready for flight. See the new manual for further details!

Existing owners can redownload for the updated installer, while new customers will receive the update. To redownload, login via 'My Account', and click on 'Downloads'.

Those who purchased through SimMarket should receive an email with update details.