Godzone Virtual Flight and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Now there's a mouthful.

You may notice some changes to the site, to make the site compliant with this regulation. This is mainly outlined in the new Privacy Policy, which you can access from any page beyond the home page -- see the bottom right menu.

You can also access this when you make an order. Although this is a WordPress-based site (a 'blog' site), you can only create an account when you actually make a purchase. We collect enough information to process your order, and we keep this information for as long as the purchased download may be available.

You can choose to have your information deleted from the site, just be aware that this will remove your ability to download your purchases any time in the future.

I've done a tidy-up of the data previously collected by the site. This mainly involved removing credit card details, which were previously collected prior to January 2016. Note that since then we no longer collect credit card details, as our main payment processing is handled by Paypal.

You may have received a lot of emails from various sites regarding the GDPR, but you won't get one from us. We don't send bulk emails, and this is no reason to start now.


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