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Note that this page was originally written for subscribers -- I've amended it to cater for normal Godzone Store customers, but it may be better to start with the FAQ if you have any questions about the site.

The most common question is 'where do I find my downloads'.


This site is part development blog, part Godzone Subscription site, and part Godzone Online Store.

The menus to the right are good starting points to move around the site. If you are not a subscriber or customer, or are not logged in, then you may sometimes be redirected to the Subscription page. This means that the page you wanted is only available to subscribers.

Subscription downloads are normally subscriber-only, and although anyone can see the links, they too will direct non-subscribers to the purchase page. Normal Store customers can access purchased download via 'My Account".

You will need to be logged in to download any of the subscription scenery, so please don't request download links via email or other means.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the site.

Subscribers -- If you revisit the site and you are not logged in, you may find that some links -- such as download buttons -- just link to the a non-subscriber page, if this happens then you just need to click on the Login button on the top menu to log in.

You can change your password and other details via the 'Welcome to the Subscriber Site' link on the top menu. This allows you to change your email address, name, display name and password. You cannot change your user name, however.

Your display name will show on any comments you post, so if you want something more anonymous that your user name, then you can set this up here. Those who pre-purchased subscriptions, for instance, have their name as their user name, so they might want to change their display name before posting a comment.

A quick explanation of the Subscriber system:

This site started out just serving Subscriptions, using an off-the-shelf addon called 'S2Member' which offers a powerful and easy way to create subscriptions via Paypal. However it now also includes the Godzone Store, which allows you to purchase normal Real NZ products, and this is managed by the popular ecommerce package, Woocommerce. I have worked hard to get these two systems to work well together, but full integration is not fully implemented. So access to downloads may differ depending on how you purchased your scenery. Subscriber downloads are normally embedded in pages or posts, and allow direct download simply by clicking on the Subscriber Download buttons. Other Store purchases can be downloaded via the 'My Account' link. If you have both a full Subscription and any purchase from the Godzone Store, your downloads will use both systems, depending on whether they are Subscriber download or not.

The Subscription Individual Issue downloads will be available from 'My Account' rather than the Subscriber download links, however.


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