Interesting times

Well, there's plenty going on in the flightsim scene at the moment, with recent updates to our favourite simulators, and the announcement that Microsoft Flight Simulator will release 18th August. I'm also aware that I'm still finding it difficult to keep up with the changes, with ongoing personal issues to deal with. The FSX version of NZCH is the most affected, although it is on the last stretch, and it should be less than a month now.

I have also committed to updating the installers for the current products in the Godzone Store for version 5 of Prepar3d. This won't be a major update, simply getting the scenery to display nicely is the goal.

Be aware that at the moment the installers in the Store support Prepar3d v3 and v4, and Real NZ Nelson and Real NZ Dunedin also support FSX, with the FSX version of NZCH just a few weeks away, and Prepar3d v5 versions will follow soon after that.

The future is still a bit hazy, like most developers I need to review the impact of the new Microsoft simulator, but I will say that I am a big fan. The software development kit is still not as feature-packed as it should be, but I would be very keen to support it if we get the tools necessary to build great addons. If I actually cover my bills this month, I hope to sign up as a developer (there's a small cost involved, hence the timely sale...) and I have had access to the SDK for some time now, so at the moment supporting this sim seems like the way to go!

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