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If you are a Subscriber, and have been directed here when you expected something else, then you may need to login.

To login, use the 'Login' button on the top menu. Note that selecting 'Remember Me' will keep you logged in on subsequent visits. 

If you are not a subscriber, the Subscription period is over, and is no longer promoted. However you can still purchase the Subscription scenery, including any future releases from the four included areas. Purchasing a subscription changes your member status to allow you to download any of the subscriber-only scenery. Note that at present the subscription is offered 'as-is' -- you get access to the subscription downloads, and gain the same benefits of existing subscribers, but I can not make any promises about what these benefits may be, or when they may appear.

There are two ways to purchase a subscription:

  1. You can purchase as a normal Godzone Store scenery product, and pay with Paypal/Credit Card via Paypal, or NZ bank transfer/deposit. Here's the link to the Subscription in the Store. Note that if you choose this method, you will need to await confirmation that your user status has been updated manually to allow you to download subscription-only files. This can take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the time here in New Zealand.
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      2014/15 NZ Photoscenery compilation

      $79.00 $49.00

      2014/15 NZ Photoscenery compilation

      $79.00 $49.00
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  2. You can use the original Paypal Subscription link, which automatically signs you up on payment, or upgrades your 'customer' status to allow subscription downloads if you are an existing customer.
    If you are an existing customer, and wish to purchase a Subscription, please make sure you are logged in, then revisit or refresh this page -- the Paypal subscription process is slightly different for existing customers.
    Click the button to begin the process. The price is NZ$79, although currently it is on sale for NZ$49.

I hope to complete each of the four areas as 'Real New Zealand' scenery products, once the included airports are completed. This will take some time, but I do hope to release one late 2017.


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