News on the progress of Prepar3d v4 installers

This is the priority at the moment, and things are progressing well, but I'm not sure how soon the new installers will be released. I was planning to release Nelson immediately, but then I started tinkering with some dynamic lighting on the tarmac, which is too good to pass by, and it's also the ideal time to finally retire the older ground texture techniques, and shift entirely to Prepar3d features.

Adding dynamic lighting does require some extra work, as in the past night lighting has been 'painted' onto a model, and Prepar3d's night lighting shows as brighter than FSX which the Nelson lighting was originally designed for. So toning down the lights a bit would help a lot.

Another new addition will be custom windsocks and flags via SODE. This will be offered as an option, I think, as I know that SODE is a new thing for some, and some may wish to retain the old default windsocks etc. Still, SODE will become more and more a feature of Real NZ scenery, as it offers a number of features which are otherwise not possible.

Real NZ Dunedin will also get some dynamic tarmac lighting, but the ground textures are already Prepar3d-specific, and SODE is built-in, so not too many changes there. I am just waiting on the final release of the v4 version of the Autogen Config Merger Tool, as soon as this is available I can upload Dunedin.

I had initially planned to also offer a tiny tool to allow a Prepar3d v3 installed scenery to be activated in v4, but this needed some more thought. I don't think this will work out, as at some point v3 and v4 versions will diverge, so they really need their own installations. This is mainly an issue for those who use both versions, so there may not be many of these, but it does include me:)



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