NZCH Aeroclub landing video

When I release a scenery, there's the obligatory landing video -- I don't think I've actually flown in the sim for a couple of years, so don't watch the flying, just the scenery! This is Prepar3d v4.5.

I do like to keep my eye-candy high, and for this video I have reduced the autogen a couple of notches (from full). My system is an i5 with GTX980, so quite old by today's standard. Still, I'm happy with it until I need to record a video. There are still the occasional pauses, while Prepar3d sorts itself out, but there was only the one during this flight, and it wasn't recorded...

As always, best watched full-screen and HD on YouTube. I don't normally even think about YouTube 'likes', but maybe I should -- if you like it, don't forget to tell YouTube!

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