Will NZTI Taieri work in MSFS World Update 12 — New Zealand?

Until the release of World Update 12 on 24 February 2023 I won't know if a NZTI update will be required, but if so, I will release an update as soon as possible. But yes, it will work, even if it does require an update.

Any update may tweak the heli trolley start points a bit to match the new default helicopters, plus I will make a decision whether or not to change the existing parking start locations on the trolleys to actual helipads. There are pros and cons to this, the main con being that the helipads act like runway starts -- your aircraft will be ready for takeoff with the engine running, which is not really the ideal state for the trolleys. So although it would be nice to have actual helipads now that MSFS supports them, it may be better to leave them as is.

One option is a hybrid solution -- adding both a normal parking spot as well as a helipad to each location. You will see these shown as helipads on the world map, and moving the mouse over the helipad will toggle between each. Well, kind of a toggle. Parking = cold start, helipad = ready to fly. A bit of a kludge, but it does work, I just need to figure out whether it would be more of a nuisance than a help.

I'm excited for WU12, this will be the best representation of New Zealand that we have ever seen in a simulator, whether default or addon, and it's all for free. The preview screenshots showing the updated elevation mesh are especially enticing -- New Zealand is famous for its pointy bits, such as mountain peaks, so this will add a lot of realism to flying over the country.