Orbx Central ‘migration’ breaks compatibility with Real NZ

Just a heads-up that for the moment 'migrating' Orbx NZSI scenery to the new system effectively breaks compatibility with Real NZ scenery such as Dunedin, Nelson and NZCH.

I will release a tool to fix this after migration, but in the meantime, if you update to Orbx Central from FTX Central, you may wish to hold off migrating NZSI to the new system. It should still work as it should, but also keep compatibility with Real NZ.

At the moment I am having to divide my time between work and family issues, so I'm not sure when the fix will be available. The Real NZ scenery downloads on my site will also be updated so they can find the new Orbx NZSI location and make the necessary changes for compatibility.

Update 23/10/19: Real NZ NZCH now has a new installer which is capable of making the necessary changes to Orbx NZCH files after 'migrating' Orbx NZSI. However you must run the Real NZ installer after migration. New installers for Dunedin and Nelson are to come.

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