Prepar3d v4.5 issues

This fix is for those who installed Real NZ NZCH, which updated the Vector Landclass libraries, and inadvertently disabled other autogen library objects.

This is aimed at those with Prepar3d v4.4 and v4.5 only, and should address the issue of missing autogen library objects such as those supplied by Orbx scenery. It may also help performance, as it will prevent the simulator from having to hunt for missing autogen library objects.

Update: the recently-released NZCH v1.05 installer has fixed all these issues, and it is recommended that you redownload and run the new installer.

Since version 4.4 of Prepar3d, there have been some issues with the way that some custom scenery displays, including my 'Real New Zealand' Dunedin and Nelson. Version 4.5 fixed most of these, but there are still a couple of things which I am currently investigating, although no real solutions so far.

There is an issue with the dynamic lights at Nelson and Dunedin, which I've fixed in the latest Vector Landclass Libraries update which went out with NZCH. I was planning to release a stand-alone version of the library installer which includes the fix, but another library issue has held this up. I hope to have a new Libraries installer shortly, but in the meantime, there is a major bug in the Libraries installation, which prevents any autogen library objects from displaying.

Pending the new Libraries installer, you can fix this by disabling the 'default.xml' file in \VectorLandClass\VLC_Libraries\AutogenX, which is located wherever you installed the Vector Landclass libraries. Simply add '.off' to the end of the filename, so that it becomes ''.

Although this file was included with the Real NZ NZCH installation, as part of the Vector Landclass Libraries, it is not actually used with NZCH, but it does add a handful of water tanks around Dunedin -- there is no great loss if these are removed, and I will add them back as normal library objects if I release an updated Real NZ Dunedin.

This fix applies to Prepar3d versions 4.4 and 4.5 only. It will give you back any autogen library objects outside which are currently not displaying.

There will be a Vector Landclass Libraries installer update which will also fix this, it just needs some further testing before release.

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