Prepar3d v4 installers now available for Real NZ Dunedin & Nelson

Update: As the new installer had issues with the uninstaller, I've now uploaded a working version -- for Dunedin, 1.11 replaces yesterday's 1.10, and for Nelson, 1.41 replaces 1.40. If you downloaded and/or installed 1.10 or 1.40 for Prepar3d v4, please redownload and run the new installer over the top -- this will fix the uninstall issues, and make the Godzone folder selection process a bit more robust.

At the moment this applies to Real NZ Dunedin and Real NZ Nelson only, the Subscription/Compilation installers are yet to come.

These are multi-installers, supporting FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d v3 and v4. Note that Prepar3d v2 is no longer supported, but you can still obtain an installer on request -- just send me an email with your order number.

The Prepar3d v4 scenery uses the new 'add-on.xml' method of managing scenery addons, so that if you need to update or reinstall Prepare3d v4, your scenery will not be affected.

Both airports take advantage of dynamic tarmac lighting in Prepar3d v4, and the runway/tarmac textures have been updated to be fully Prepar3d-compatible.

Both can be installed for use with or without Orbx NZSI. They require the VLC Libraries, as always, and these will be installed along with the scenery.

Just one warning -- if you have added either scenery to Prepar3d v4 using a prior manual install, you will need to remove the scenery from the Scenery Library within Prepar3d!

Real NZ Nelson now uses SODE for Prepar3d only, for the windsocks and flags. Real NZ Dunedin updates SODE from the previous version, to support Prepar3d v4.

You can purchase these from the Godzone Store, if you already own them, simply redownload from your account.

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