2014/15 NZ Photoscenery compilation – currently unavailable

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Important note: please see the information below regarding Subscription/Compilation downloads!

The Compilation is currently available for FSX/FSXse and Prepar3d v2 and v3.

This is the equivalent to the original Godzone Subscription, and gives you access to all the Subscription scenery so far. Note that the Subscription is not currently in development, but there will be additions over time as they are completed. These additions will not include any more than the four existing areas, but may include custom airports and updates to the existing areas.

The Subscription was withdrawn from sale in 2015, but I've put it back here as plenty of simmers have asked to have another chance to buy it.

Unlike other Godzone Store products, such as Real NZ Nelson, the Subscription does not add the downloads to your order. Instead, it allows you to download any content tagged for Subscribers only. The quickest way to access the downloads is via the 'Subscribers: start here' button on the home page. This includes a link to the 'quick downloads' page. You can view the individual issues via these links; subscribers can download each issue from these pages as well:

Subscription issue 1

Subscription Issue 2

Subscription Issue 3

Subscription Issue 4

Subscription Issue 5

Subscription Issue 6

Subscription Issue 7

Subscription Issue 8

Subscription Issue 9

Subscription Issue 10

Subscription details, conditions etc.

Because of this, you may not get instant access to downloads, until your Subscription status is manually activated by me. This normally happens quickly, provided it isn't the middle of the night here in New Zealand. To speed things up, you can still 'Subscribe' via Paypal, by clicking on the button here:

Note that you either order the Subscription as a normal Store product and then await Subscriber access by adding this product to your Cart, or by clicking through to Paypal above, which bypasses the Store.