Godzone NZTI Taieri for Microsoft Flight Simulator





This is the first Godzone release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Taieri Airfield is a small but highly detailed character airport, located on the Taieri Plains just west of Dunedin city, and a few kilometres north of Dunedin Airport. It has two grass runways.

Taieri is home to the Otago Aero Club, the oldest aero club in New Zealand, dating back to 1927, plus Helicopters Otago Limited, a commercial helicopter company and rescue operator. There's also an industrial park and other commercial enterprises within and bordering the airfield.

Designed to be compatible with any third party elevation, such as Orbx NZ mesh.

Currently available for PC only, although if I do get access to the Marketplace at some point,  I'd love to see it on the Xbox.

Download size:  480MB

Click on the thumbnails for full-sized  screenshots -- all screenshots real world weather, unedited except for the overlay text.

This is a new, standalone product, and there is no update path from previous versions of NZTI included with Real NZ Dunedin. However the price does reflect the fact that a lot of simmers have bought Real NZ Dunedin. So basically, everyone gets the update discount:)

Godzone NZTI Taieri is built to 'Real New Zealand' standards, although it is not branded as such, as it doesn't include a large regional photoscenery -- MSFS handles that part very well! However it does include a local 15cm aerial background within the airfield bounds.

Is it finished? -- Yes! However I do reserve the right to update it when the simulator is further developed, as there are some issues which can't really be overcome at the moment. For example:

The Grass! -- At some point I would love to have more control over the length of the grass, and hopefully this will come. In the meantime, it's knee-length...